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--The Sight--

Firestar: Remember kids.  It's all fun and games until the blind kid falls off a cliff.

Jaykit: I don't want to live half a life, separated from my Clanmates like you are.
Leafpool: Stop talking about me as if I'm not standing right in front of you...

Jaypaw: My entire life is a conspiracy to ruin my life.
Leafpool: Wait... That makes no sense...
Jaypaw: You're just saying that because I'm blind.

Graystripe: So you didn't wait for me.
Fireheart: I couldn't...
Graystripe: You could not risk the Clan by keeping them in the forest.
Fireheart:*leaning towards Graystripe* If it had only been my life at stake... I would have waited.
Everyone: *staring*
Firestar: WE'RE NOT GAY!

*Random cats swarm Graystripe*
Graystripe: Wow, I must have nearly as many fangirls as Ashfur!
Ashfur: Ha.  You wish.

Bluestar: He must use his head, not his heart, to reach his decision.
Leafpool: What about all the other times in the series characters have been told to follow their hearts or do what they feel is right?
Bluestar: Ignore those.  Hurry up and tell him to pick Brambleclaw already!

Graystripe: Well, Millie, now that you're part of the family, it's time to meet your kin.
Stormfur: I'm your stepson.
Brook: Wait...So I'm your... stepdaughter in-law...?
Millie: This is confusing...
Graystripe: Oh, and stay away from RiverClan, they kinda dislike us because they exiled both me and Stormfur, and just generally the whole half-breed thing.
Millie: Your family is weird...
Graystripe: If you think our family is messed up, you ain't seen nothin' yet!

Graystripe: So, what happened while I was gone?
Firestar: Well... Onewhisker became leader of WindClan, which caused a rebellion, but we stopped it.  So now he's Onestar and feels the need to antagonize us whenever possible.  Some badgers attacked the camp, and Cinderpelt is dead.  Hawkfrost was...mysteriously and...accidentally impaled on our territory.  But none of us are responsible.  Really.  Um, I also have grandchildren now, and... Oh, yeah!  About nine moons ago Leafpool ran away with Crowfeather from WindClan.
Graystripe: Wow, I really missed a lot... And about that last bit, do you mean ran away with, or "ran away with"?
Firestar: "Ran away with".
Graystripe: Leafpool?  Really?  Your daughter?  The brown one?  Not the other one?
Firestar: Yes.
Graystripe: But she's a medicine cat!
Firestar: Yes, we know...
Graystripe: ...So, did she...?
Firestar: Yes she did.
Graystripe: Heh.  I didn't know you had it in you.  Good job. *pats Leafpool and the back*
Leafpool: *dying of embarrassment*

Firestar: You sure are lucky to have fallen in love with a cat that looks similar to your first love.  That way its less awkward when you are fantasizing about the dead one...
Graystripe: I dunno... Millie looked completely different in the manga...

*Several ShadowClan cats appear*
Firestar: Wait a minute, did you just summon a bunch of warriors in one turn?
Oakfur: Yeah, so?
Firestar: That's against the warrior code, isn't it?
Oakfur: Screw the warrior code, I'm a minor character!*

*Look, I mentioned that I take some inspiration from YuGiOh Abridged, so some of you had to expect that I would do something like this eventually.  Besides, its such a rip-off it qualifies more as "an homage" than "plagiarism".

*After Firestar kicks Oakfur's and cat-who-I-assume-is-Snowbird's asses*
Lionpaw: How the HELL did you do THAT!?
Firestar: Steroid abuse, mostly.

Jaypaw: *Reading Spottedleaf's mind* (Wait, is that...Firestar?  But... Spottedleaf died many seasons ago, and Firestar has another mate... maybe I should dig deeper... Nothing... Does my mind reading have some kind of mature content filter or something?)

Tigerstar: It is bad enough that I have to watch Mothwing wasting her talents as a medicine cat.
Hawkfrost: Hmmm? But I thought you had a soft spot for female medicine cats.
Tigerstar: *blushing* ...shut up...

*After Spottedleaf drags Jaypaw out of the Place of No Stars*
Hawkfrost: Wait, why didn't we stop her?
Tigerstar: Huh?
Hawkfrost: If we want Jaypaw so badly, why didn't we just kill that she-cat?
Tigerstar: Fox dung!  I completely forgot!

Jaypaw: But I want to be a warrior!
Spottedleaf: Accept your destiny!
Jaypaw: No!
Spottedleaf: Accept your destiny!
Jaypaw: No!
Spottedleaf: Accept your destiny!
Jaypaw: No!
Jaypaw: ...No!

Brambleclaw: Rest and eat today.  You can hunt tomorrow.
Hollypaw: But Lionpaw's been hunting!  It's not fair!
Brambleclaw: Life isn't fair.  Stay in camp.
Hollypaw: But you're just removing privileges for no reason.  YOU'RE the one being unfair.  And that saying has been used so many times in this book, it has lost all meaning.
Brambleclaw: Look, my entire generation are terrible parents.  Just deal with it.


Squirrelflight:In honour of our second newleaf by the lake, I think we should hold some kind of crappy Olympics rip-off.
Random Cat#1: That's a great idea!  I no longer want to continue fighting!
Random Cat#2: I have completely forgotten why I was angry!

Jaypaw: The den collapsed.  Lionpaw and Breezepaw are inside!
Crowfeather: Fox dung!  If I don't pretend to care, everyone will know that me mating with Nightcloud was just a scam!

Crowfeather: Thank you, Leafpool.
Leafpool: I would do anything to you, Crowfeather.
Nightcloud: *evil glare*
Leafpool: ...!  For you!  N-not to you, for!  For!

Leafpool: *To Nightcloud* I would kill you...If you couldn't snap me in half like a twig... It sucks being the weakest adult character in the entire series... other than Daisy, of course.

*Firestar, Crowfeather, and the others waiting outside of Leafpool's den*
*awkward silence*
Firestar: Hey, aren't you that guy who slept with my daughter?
Crowfeather: Yes.  Yes I am.
Firestar: ...I see.
*awkward silence*
Firestar: I can't stop thinking about the "slept with my daughter" thing.
Crowfeather: Yeah, I think about that a lot, too.
Firestar: I'm going to pretend I didn't hear that.

Firestar: I have talked with Leopardstar, Blackstar and Onestar, and we have decided the contest is a draw.
Random Cat#1: Are you serious!?
Random Cat#2: This is the lamest thing ever!
Firestar: And now to make things even more confusing, I'm going to announce the winners anyway!

Jaypaw: Ah, nothing brightens your mood better than learning you were born with god-like powers.

---  ---
I’m finally back, after a week long nervous breakdown!

Now I’ve got some more Warriors Abridged stuff, and this time it’s The Sight, the book whose title is in no way a rip-off of David Clement-Davies’s book about wolves.

The third series opens with Firestar having some kind of dream/flashback thing from all the way back in Firestar's Quest, where he is given a prophecy about how his kin will hold the power of the stars in their paws.

Cut back to modern day, where Firestar worriedly looks out at Leafpool's Squirrelflight's kits and thinks that the Power of Three has come. This shows that he knows about the prophecy, even though he never does anything about it, and this never really comes up again until the next series.

We are now introduced to the protagonists of this series: Jaykit, Hollykit and Lionkit. They somehow come up with the genius idea to go hunt some orphaned fox cubs in their territory, further proving that cats don’t develop common sense for the first few months of their lives.

As expected, this plan fails, and they run the hell away from the bigger-than-expected foxes that are trying to kill them. In the chase, Jaykit accidentally falls into the hollow.

This would actually be kind of funny to watch, because he doesn’t just fall, HE RUNS RIGHT OFF THE FREAKING CLIFF.

He wakes up in the medicine den and has some random conversation with Spottedleaf. After Spottedleaf disappears, Leafpool shows up and starts acting all motherly *hint-hint* towards him.

When he tells her about seeing Spottedleaf, Leafpool tells him that he would make a great medicine cat, and that he should become her apprentice because he doesn’t have many other options. Jaykit starts yelling at her about how he doesn’t want to waste his life being a medicine cat like her, and that he hates being blind and more random emo stuff.

That’s right, Jaykit is blind. The Erins managed to hide the fact that one of their POV characters was blind for about thirty-six pages. This was probably Vicky’s idea, considering how much she loves screwing with us.

You’ve also got to love Jaykit for being such a dick here. I mean, he insults the lifestyle that Leafpool has given up literally everything for, right to her face. Of course, he doesn’t know what she’s been through until Sunrise, so he did it unintentionally, but that still doesn’t change how rude he is here. Plus, after he does learn about her past, he’s still a total dick towards her. As the series goes on, we begin to get used to how much of a dick he is.

Meanwhile, Hollykit and Lionkit are off doing things. Hollykit becomes more and more obsessed with the idea of being a medicine cat, whereas Lionkit eavesdrops on some senior warriors in the middle of the night.

They are all talking about how RiverClan has been quieter since Hawkfrost’s death, and mention that the circumstances behind it were mysterious. No! You think? A cat is found impaled on the opposite side of the lake from where he should be, and was killed by a stake that would have to have been willingly dug out of the ground, and you consider that mysterious?

This is just to tell us that the cats involved covered up the fact that Brambleclaw did it. That’s right; Brambleclaw can officially get away with murder! ... Well, involuntary manslaughter, but he’s getting there.

I was hoping this whole Brambleclaw-killed-Hawkfrost-and-covered-it-up thing would come up again, like Hawkfrost would tell Lion that it was Brambleclaw who killed him, and Lion would begin to mistrust his "father" and question if he was truly an honourable warrior.

More than two years later, and it still hasn’t come up yet. Almost the opposite, actually, since now Lionblaze and Jayfeather hate everyone except Brambleclaw.

We also see Lionkit expressing some pro-Stormfur sentiments, feelings that eventually build to a fully-legitimate slash pairing, despite their massive age difference. Is it still considered Shotacon if it’s boyxboy?

Now it’s finally time for the Three’s apprentice ceremony, yay! Since Hollypaw dropped enough hints about being a medicine cat, she’s Leafpool’s apprentice, and Lionpaw gets Ashfur, aka that-guy-who-was-a-minor-character-that-somehow-became-incredibly-popular-and-eventually-had-some-minor-roles-in-the-plot-and-then-went-evil-and-became-easily-the-mosty-divisive-character-in-the-series, as his mentor.

And who does Jaypaw get? Brightheart. Being Jaypaw, he starts to complain about how Firestar gave him the only one-eyed cat in the Clan as a mentor, and that she’s only half a warrior. Other than the half a warrior thing, I’m going to side with Jaypaw here. It doesn’t seem very... politically correct... to give a disabled cat a mentor with a similar disability; especially since Firestar has never given Brightheart another chance at being a mentor (I can just see Brightheart yelling “What? I slept with your nephew for nothing?” ), which seems to imply he thinks cripples can only teach other cripples.

Apparently they’re also teaming up with Longtail, another blind cat, causing Jaypaw to remark “Great! Lets lump all of the useless cats together and hope a tree falls on them.” a line that I have been in love with since I first read it. Although I may sound critical of Jaypaw’s whining, I’m not really, and he does provide a lot of amusement. Like father, like son.

Eventually fed up with his "training", Jaypaw goes out on his own, and for the second time in the book, he almost gets himself killed, this time by drowning in the lake.

Thankfully, a WindClan patrol was nearby, and Crowfeather comes to rescue him, not knowing that he is saving one of the genetic by-products of him and Leafpool making sweet, sweet love all night long. (:jackdirt:)

Also among the patrol are Whitetail, and a new apprentice, Heatherpaw, who keeps alternating between being a major character, and having a negligible presence.

We also meet Breezepaw, who complains about as much as Jaypaw, but in this case, with a legitimate reason: Crowfeather’s abusiveness. This also introduces us to another aspect of Jaypaw’s characterization that I like: his hypocrisy. He hates Breezepaw almost instantly, and thinks he’s a big jerk, despite the fact that he’s just as much of a jerk as he is. The same thing applies to Berrypaw once he gets a personality.

Crowfeather volunteers to bring Jaypaw all the way back to ThunderClan camp. Now, he doesn’t really care about Jaypaw at all, especially since he’s become some cold emotionless jerk, and is really just taking this long trip so that he can ogle Leafpool.

Crowfeather simply can’t pretend he doesn’t care about Leafpool anymore, not just because he’s going so far out of his way just to see her, but because seeing her causes him to feel pretty much the only emotion Jaypaw has felt coming from him. Not to mention that pretty much the whole scene between them features them trying their hardest not to just jump on each other. :love:

I’m sorry, I just love this scene so much, and I just need to get that out there. It shows that they still care very much about each other despite the fact that they have to act like strangers around each other. :love:

And now it’s the night of the Gathering. Jaypaw doesn’t get to go because of his constant complaining, and the fact that he nearly got himself killed by going out without his mentor, but Lionpaw and Hollypaw get to go.

Lionpaw meets Heatherpaw and is instantly aroused. The fact that something will happen between them later on is pretty obvious.

And then, suddenly, the Gathering is interrupted by Graystripe and Millie. That’s right, after a three book absence, Graystripe is finally back, and he’s brought a character that almost everyone hates just because she won’t change her name. No, really.

I don’t like Millie, but I don’t hate her, so I find myself standing up for her a lot. Really, I don’t see anything wrong with her, even though I subconsciously associate her with Baten Kaitos Origins Milly, who miffs me a bit. Seriously, I don’t care if Guillo is a genderless animated puppet; I still think he/she is still a better match for Sagi. I dislike how being a human female supersedes that fact that Guillo was Sagi’s only friend for his entire life. Well, except for his mom, who is actually another shipping option since Sagi has such a massive Oedipus complex. Also, since I was too lazy to learn her regular attack combos, I don’t get much use out of her. And all of her finishers, save Diamond Drop and Open Your Eyes, are pretty boring. Most of them are even copies of themselves. Wow, I got off-topic...

But seriously. Millie is okay. I don’t really like her, but she hasn’t done anything to warrant hatred. I also don’t have any problems with BKO Milly; I just needed to get that out.

Anyway, this is very awkward situation since Brambleclaw was named deputy in Graystripe’s absence. They can’t reach a decision over whether the job should return to Graystripe, or whether it belongs to Brambleclaw since Graystripe was officially declared dead.

So the cats do what they always do: Ask StarClan for help. Leafpool goes to the Moonpool, and Jaypaw follows her. Once they get to the Moonpool, Jaypaw proceeds to eavesdrop on Leafpool as she has a meeting with StarClan. StarClan oh-so subtly hints at Brambleclaw by telling Leafpool that Firestar should make this decision with his head, not his heart, contradicting all of the times characters have been told to follow their heart or do what they felt was right.

I might as well inject my opinion on this issue here. In terms of fairness, I think Graystripe should have been deputy. I’m just a bit annoyed that Brambleclaw gets to keep his position under the same circumstances that Hawkfrost lost his, as well as the fact that Graystripe not being Firestar’s deputy kind of makes a mockery of Whitestorm’s last words. I can understand the whole “Graystripe doesn’t know the new territory thing”, but as pointed out in Outcast, he does learn it eventually. However, in terms of who would be the better deputy, I would go with Brambleclaw. Not that I don’t love Graystripe, it’s just that “leadership” isn’t exactly a trait that comes to mind when you think about him.

Anyway, back to the story. Leafpool notices that Jaypaw was eavesdropping on her, and when he says that he saw into her dream, she once again tries to persuade him to be a medicine cat. She fails once again.

They go back to camp, and Brambleclaw gets to stay deputy, resolving this minor little issue until ShadowClan has starts getting violent over a recently moved border.

Of course, the change in borders was in their favour, so they’re just being selfish jerks and trying to steal more territory. Basically, they’re being ShadowClan.

I find that the resulting battle is a good indicator of how fights in the series have progressed to what I like to call Cat-Fu, such Firestar’s epic throw, and Millie apparently clawing a cat so fiercely she sprays his blood across the clearing.

Since she is tired of doing a bad job of being Leafpool’s apprentice, Hollypaw joins in the battle alongside her brothers. She does a good job, whereas Jaypaw... not so much. One thing I would like to point out here is that after the battle, Lionpaw is very clearly wounded.

I feel the need to point this out because of how often I see people saying that Lion is invincible and can’t be killed in battle. His power is that he has innate combat instincts that make him almost unbeatable, yet he can still be wounded and killed. Now remember, "Invincible" does not mean "unkillable", it means "unbeatable", so when he claims he’s invincible, that’s what he’s saying. I mean really, how much blood has he lost so far, yet people still say he can’t be wounded? Jeez.

Anyway, the plot moves on, and Jaypaw and Hollypaw begin to ponder whether or not they have chosen the right paths. Jaypaw decides to go to the Moonpool again for an answer.

However, he accidentally ends up in the Place of No Stars; where Tigerstar and Hawkfrost are waiting to rape him lure him to the dark side.

Spottedleaf then comes in and rescues him, meeting absolutely no resistance from Tigerstar or Hawkfrost for no apparent reason. I mean, according to Vicky, the worst they could do is trap her in the Dark Forest, but that still does stop her from rescuing Jaypaw, and I honestly can’t see how any straight tom would not want Spottedleaf completely at their mercy.

Spottedleaf then gives Jaypaw the whole "be a medicine cat" speech again, and as usual he complains. He decides to scan her mind, and ends up with an image of Firestar angsting, a detail I feel the need to include because I love Dreamshipping.

Jaypaw decides to give in, and asks to become Leafpool’s apprentice. Coincidentally, Hollypaw decides that she is fed-up with being a medicine cat at the same time, so they do the ol’switcharoo.

Well, not a complete switch, since Hollypaw gets Brackenfur instead of Brightheart as a mentor. Once again, Firestar is kinda being a jerk towards Brightheart. But, on the plus side: FREAKIN’ BRACKENFUR! :XD:

The majority of the rest of the chapters are little subplots like dogs attacking WindClan territory, and a Greencough epidemic. During the epidemic, Jaypaw manages to literally drag Poppypaw back from StarClan, somehow causing fans to ship them together. Apparently trying to save someone’s life after you’ve promised their mother that they won’t die on your watch means you love them.

The final little subplot of the book is some kind of Olympics-like daytime Gathering to celebrate their second newleaf at the lake. This is apparently such a good idea that it causes everyone to forget all of the fighting that was about to break out before Squirrelflight pitched this quickly thrown together idea.

Jaypaw decides to not join in because, as usual, he doesn’t want to be treated differently because he’s blind. Eventually, he has a dream where he is Lionpaw suffocating in dirt, and runs out to try and rescue his brothers. It seems he was right: A rabbit den had collapsed with Lionpaw and Breezepaw inside, and they would have died if he hadn’t brought help.

Leafpool manages to keep Breezepaw and Lionpaw alive, and she and Crowfeather have a tender moment (D’aww... :love: ), much to Nightcloud’s chagrin.

So yeah, Nightcloud is basically the random WindClan she-cat the Crowfeather mated with to create Breezepaw. She is a somewhat hot character within the fan base, even though she has only appeared about five times, and has had maybe three lines of dialogue.

Now as much as the people who think she should die are going way too far, I can’t help but think the people sympathizing with her are a bit misaimed, too. Their interpretation of her is based entirely on the fact that she is in love with Crowfeather, but can they prove it?

I seem to recall an interview on Warriors Wish where Blizz was asking Vicky a bunch of questions, and at some point Vicky says that Nightcloud is just using Crowfeather kind of as a status symbol. Really, it seems like no one has read this interview because nobody seems to know any information that was revealed in it (namely the fact that the Tribe cats have Welsh accents).

So it seems that Nightcloud only acts all clingy when Leafpool is around out of possessiveness, not love. I’m guessing another reason that she took Crowfeather as a mate was so she could, y’know, mate with him, which probably never happened again after Breezepaw was conceived. That’s why I’m not quiet sure why Leafpool seems to be so jealous of Nightcloud: She’s obviously not getting any.

I also find it kind of odd just how close in age Breeze is to Holly, Jay, and Lion. It would mean that Crowfeather and Nightcloud would have to have mated almost immediately after he got back with Leafpool. If I recall correctly, Nightcloud was on the WindClan patrol that showed up at the end of Twilight, so I can’t help but picture them having this conversation while on the way back to camp:

Crowfeather: You want to mate?
Nightcloud: Umm... Sure.
Crowfeather: Okay, I’ll go find some bushes or something.

Anyway, back on topic. Everything wraps itself with a little announcement about how all of the Clans won the competition, and giving special mention to Jaypaw because he helped out. It seems they’re taking a break from the normally dark and violent tone of the books to teach us a lesson about co-operation, good sportsmanship, and accepting others. This is the first time a Warriors book has given me diabetes.

Jaypaw obviously feels the same about this uncharacteristically bright and cheery ending, and leaves to go mope about stuff.

Upon going to sleep, he ends up in Firestar's dream, and sees Skywatcher reciting the Power of Three prophecy to him. Jaypaw instantly connects the dots and deduces that it applies to him and his littermates.

And so, the book ends with Jaypaw learning an incredibly important bit of information on the very last page. Yup.

Inspired by YuGiOh the Abridged Series by LittleKuriboh (CardGamesFTW)


All characters are from WARRIORS by Erin Hunter
WARRIORS is © Harper Collins
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Accept your destiny! /newspaper/
accept your destiny! /newspaper/
accept your destiny! /newspaper/
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Graystripe: Well, Millie, now that you're part of the family, it's time to meet your kin.
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Brook: Wait...So I'm your... stepdaughter in-law...?
Millie: This is confusing...
Graystripe: Oh, and stay away from RiverClan, they kinda dislike us because they exiled both me and Stormfur, and just generally the whole half-breed thing.
Millie: Your family is weird...
Graystripe: If you think our family is messed up, you ain't seen nothin' yet!
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xD yes. key suffix- ish.
key word of the day- ish.
conclusion- ... ish.
hyperadam Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2011
Ah, I love "-ish". It's such a useful suffix. :D
Amerikat Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
SharpWhisper Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2011  Student General Artist
I totally read, like everything... and IT WAS AWESOME!
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