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AA:'Pendulum Corspe' Analysis by hyperadam AA:'Pendulum Corspe' Analysis :iconhyperadam:hyperadam 7 33 Ace Attorney In a Nutshell by hyperadam Ace Attorney In a Nutshell :iconhyperadam:hyperadam 287 63
Starkit's Prophecy Parody - 1
Well, here it was: the big day.  Against all odds, Starkit had managed to survive until the day of her apprentice ceremony.  All of the cats of ThunderClan had been abuzz about Starkit in the days leading up to the ceremony, wondering what Firestar would do, but now they would finally get to see for themselves.
The Clan had grown to accept the strange kit, but whether or not it was wise to let her take this step was the question that everyone was asking.
As the sun was rising, Firestar crept down from his den on the Highledge, heading to the nursery to speak with Dawn.  The ginger tom noticed that the young queen was just waking up as he padded into the nursery.
"Dawn?" he asked, keeping his voice low. "Today's the day.  Are you still sure that you want to go though with this?"
"Yes, Firestar," Dawn responded, looking back at him with determination in her eyes. "This is what I want for my kit."
Firestar sighed.  He was sure that she was
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Feet - MatthewxSveta
Matthew huffed and puffed, toiling under the weight of the heavy pack on his back.  He and his companions had been docked at a small island village for the whole day in order to take a short break from their quest, and while everyone was off relaxing, he had been at work raiding the local armoury, his wallet now significantly lighter as he triumphantly touted the best equipment he could buy.  Now all he needed to do was find some of his friends to start distributing their new equipment, and hopefully lighten his heavy bag a bit.
Glowing with pride, Matthew started scanning the horizon looking for familiar silhouettes.  Almost instantly, he spotted Sveta, sitting against a tree a couple metres off in the distance.  Matthew smiled.  Something about seeing her always cheered him up.  The young beastgirl was one of the more interesting people that he had met on his travels, and he was glad to consider her among his friends.
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Starkit's Prophecy Parody
"Jayfeather!  Jayfeather!"
A sharp yowl from the camp quickly jerked the ThunderClan medicine cat from his slumber.  Muttering under his breath about how much he hated when other cats disturbed his rest, Jayfeather sleepily stretched himself and slowly padded out of his den to find out what the matter was and if it warranted waking him up.
"Jayfeather!  Starkit needs some help again." yowled the voice as Jayfeather finally emerged out into the clearing.  He recognized that it belonged to Cinderheart.
"Again?" Jayfeather asked, trying to hide the exasperation in his voice as he followed the she-cat to the nursery.
"Don't be like that," Cinderheart meowed over her shoulder as she led the blind medicine cat, "You know more about her problems than anyone else."
"Yeah, yeah," Jayfeather muttered, still tired and desperate to get this over with and get back to his nest.
This had all started less than seven moons ago when Dawn showed up.  Dawn
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Lalieo and Isabella - Act III
Act 3
*Il Capitano, Il Dottore, and Pantalone enter, talking*
Il Capitano: *to Pantalone* So, when is the soonest that I can marry your daughter?
Pantalone: Oh, in a few months, maybe four or- *Il Capitano pulls out money, Pantalone quickly grabs it and stuffs it in his pocket* Next week!  Yes, next week.
Il Dottore: *cutting in* But I wish to marry Isabella, too!
Pantalone: How much you got?
Il Dottore: I'm a doctor; I do have a lot.  Oh, did I remind you that I'm a doctor and that I…
Pantalone: Money now, life story later.
Il Capitano: Oh sir, look at this!  *waves more money in front of Pantalone's face*
Pantalone: *drooling* Mmmmoonnnneyyyyy… *is led around by Il Capitano's money like a cat by a string*
Il Dottore: Hey!  He was talking to me!  *takes out more of his own money.  Pantalone runs towards it* Not so fast!  No more money until you make a decision!
Pantalone: Umm… *as
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Mature content
Warriors Abridged - Midnight :iconhyperadam:hyperadam 260 137
Lalieo and Isabella - Act II
Act 2
*Arlecchino enters dragging Lalieo away from the party*
Lalieo: No!  No!  Let me go!  I must see my precious Isabella again!
Arlecchino: Oh, its all about you isn't it?  Now if you don't mind, my feelings have been hurt! *wipes away tear*
Lalieo: But-but Isabella!
Arlecchino: *stops* Wait.  What was that?  Wasn't this girl was named… Rosaline, or something?
Lalieo: Who?  If I have ever loved before, I have forgotten them in place of my sweet Isabella!
Arlecchino: Wow, a new girl in… *checks watch* five minutes.  Wow, you broke your record.
Lalieo: Oh, Isabella, my sweet Isabella, where are you?
Arlecchino: Look, I said… *sees Il Capitano and Il Dottore* Oh!  It's those schnitzel heads!  Gotta run!
*flees un-heroically*
*Il Capitano and Il Dottore enter as Arlecchino exits*
Il Dottore: I received an award for- *bumps into Lalieo* Who are you?
:iconhyperadam:hyperadam 2 9
Lalieo and Isabella - Act I
Act 1
*Lalieo and Arlecchino enter*
Lalieo: Soon… Soon, we will be at the party, and I shall finally see my sweet Rosaline!
Arlecchino: But first, I need to deliver an unnecessarily long monologue about Queen Mab!
Lalieo: Who?
Arlecchino: The queen of dreams, or something like that, I don't know.  It's over forty lines long, and I can't fit it all on my hand, so I guess we can skip that part.
Lalieo: Yes!  We must get to the party as soon as possible!  Every second I am separated from my dear Rosaline feels like having a million searing hot needles shoved into my stomach!
Arlecchino: Oh-ho, I didn't know you were into that kind of thing.  *nudges Lalieo suggestively*
Lalieo: Whenever I am away from my sweet Rosaline, my eyes feel like they are being torn out by crows!
Arlecchino: God, you're whiney!  Fine, we'll get to the party!
*they exit*
*Pantalone, Il Capitano, Il Dottore, Columbina and Isabella enter*
Pantalone: My dea
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The Crow and The Jay
Crowfeather drifted uneasily through his dreams that night.  What Hollyleaf had revealed at the recent Gathering had almost destroyed everything that he had worked so hard to build.  He had just barely managed to save his reputation.
But at what cost? He thought, recalling the harsh words he had said to Leafpool.
Trying to shake off his feelings of regret he continued to stumble through moor until he heard a noise nearby calling for him.
"Hello?" a voice mewed in the distance.
Crowfeather froze.  Who – or what – could be calling for him?  Suddenly a small grey body popped up over the hills
"There you are," it meowed.  Crowfeather recognized Jayfeather, ThunderClan's medicine cat; and his son.
"W-What are you doing here?" Crowfeather asked, confused.
"I was just curious," Jayfeather mewed defiantly, "I wanted to get to know my father a bit better."
Not this again!  Crowfeather had been trying his hardest
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Mature content
Warriors Abridged - FE :iconhyperadam:hyperadam 274 239
Mature content
Warriors Abridged - Outcast :iconhyperadam:hyperadam 369 248
wtf is this i don't even... by hyperadam wtf is this i don't even... :iconhyperadam:hyperadam 6 15 WANKER'S CRAMP by hyperadam WANKER'S CRAMP :iconhyperadam:hyperadam 79 46
As A Clan Cat I Will Not...
As a Clan cat, I will not…
1. Tell Tigerstar to get a life.
2. Make any remarks about Longtail compensating for something.
3. Ask Jayfeather "How many fingers am I holding up?"
4. Tell Crowfeather "I totally hit that" when talking about Leafpool or Feathertail.
5. Ask Ravenpaw and Barley who's on top.
6. Refer to Crowfeather as "Crowy", Jayfeather as "Jay-Jay", Tigerstar as "Tiggystar", etc.
7. Make any remarks about the length of Jayfeather's stick.
8. Make any remarks about Lionblaze exploring Heathertail's tunnels.
9. Make any remarks about how Hollyleaf never did anything that can be used as a sexual innuendo.
10. Taunt Crowfeather with revealing pictures of Leafpool.
11. Taunt Leafpool with revealing pictures of Crowfeather.
12. Hug anyone.
13. Ask Dustpelt if he's ever considered using a condom.
14. Ask Spiderleg how drunk he was when he slept with Daisy.
15. Mention Spottedleaf while in the same room as Firestar and Sandstorm.
16. Laugh at Midnight's terrible grammar.
17. L
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Lessons: TWEWY
The Lessons The World Ends with You Has Taught Us :
1. If you don't have a cell phone, you're screwed when you die.
2. If you don't live in certain cities, you're screwed when you die.
3. 90% of people who die are 15.
4. The afterlife is run mostly by teenagers.
5. Snakes are overrated.
6. Dead people can text message living people's brains.
7. Eating food makes you stronger.
8. Stickers, pins, and other accessories can give you special abilities.
9. Jesus is Japanese.
10. Technically speaking, God is everyone's best friend.
11. People who are very strong have a tendency to keep the top two buttons of their shirt undone.
12. Shooting someone in the head at point-blank range with a pistol the size of a pop-can will not cause any visible blood loss.
13. In Japan, they have MP3 players that look like tampons.
14. You can earn money by throwing pins into a garbage can.
15. Jesus lives in the sewer.
16. Beware of cat plushies.
17. IMAGINATION *rainbow*
18. Pushing someone out of the
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NHK stamp by VamoreParanoia agent stamp by SimbaTheHuman:thumb57888843:Anchorman by getanaxeDarkplace Stamp by CrystalCurtisArtThe World Ends With You Stamp by Moliskiace attorney stamp by Blobeh

"I think I can safely say that nobody understands quantum mechanics." -- Richard Feynman

"So I hope you accept Nature as She is -- absurd." -- Richard Feynman

"If anybody says he can think about quantum theory without getting giddy, it merely shows that he hasn't understood the first thing about it." -- Niels Bohr

"All science is either physics or stamp collecting." -- Ernest Rutherford
Hey, guys.  Lately I've been feeling compelled to actually get some more stuff up here, so I thought I might as well pop in to say hi.  I'm not sure if this temporary burst of momentum will result in anything of value, and I might be slowed down by some upcoming tests and having to prepare for exams in December, but here I am anyway.

Admittedly, my interest was largely piqued by this thing.  I might be a bit too late to be commenting on it, but I think it's pretty neat.  Since the bulk of what I contribute here is huge blocks of test that no human being could conceivably write in one sitting, I find the ability to save some of my writings and leave them until they're ready to be submitted to be pretty useful, and it cuts out the middleman that is Microsoft Word, making the whole process less awkward.  Mind you, I already had a bit of trouble with, so it might not be as useful as I thought it would be.  It might have just been me messing up instead of it, though, so I guess I'll just have to wait and see...

As for how I'm doing at university, things are going great.  I'm having a good time here, I'm enjoying my classes, especially physics, and doing pretty well, with the one big exception of linear algebra, which is gradually growing into the bane of my existence.  It's a sneaky little bastard, having an easy first chapter made of stuff we're mostly familiar with, and buttering us up by implicitly teaching us how to forge credit card numbers, before suddenly veering off into stuff completely unlike anything I've ever seen in high school.  I'm doing pretty badly in this course, which annoys me, since I need it to get into any physics module, and I've already bumped into a few areas where the material applies to physics...

I feel mean snapping at linear algebra.  I mean, it's not really it's fault.  I guess I really could be putting a bit more effort into studying and doing the work.  I'm kind of trying to pick up the slack, but most of my attempts at studying essentially boil down to me staring at the homework questions and being all… 

I also really like my chem prof.  It is possible that he could be approaching the same levels of awesomeness as my grade 12 physics teacher.  Seriously.  I have funny stuff he's said during lectures scribbled all over the margins of my chemistry notes so that I can share them later.  Actually, I'd say my university's chemistry department as a whole is pretty awesome.  Except for the fact that the chemistry club apparently has t-shirts with an uncertainty principal joke printed on them.  Not cool.  That is our joke.  Heisenberg was a physicist.  He won the Nobel prize in physics.  They have no right to tell it.

Okay, I'm mostly joking.  They really do seem pretty cool.  And it's not just academics I'm obsessing about here, honest.  I'm really having a great time overall.

And I now know what a tensor acts like!  This is completely random and only people who were in my physics class last year will get the joke, but it was genuinely a massive moment of enlightenment for me.  It all makes sense...  Everything fits together...  Although, given my frustration with linear algebra and matrices, it's not all sunshine and rainbows...

So yeah.  Other than that, there isn't much else to say.  I'm not particularly hyped about anything that's coming up soon, so I guess I don't really have much to rant about at this time.  I guess I might as well get back to work, whether it's schoolwork, something for here, or pretending that I'm actually working.  See ya.  :D

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